‘The Woman and the Witch’ to join Amazon Prime Reading!

A few weeks ago I received a strange email from Amazon. In it, they discussed the Amazon Prime Reading Programme and said they were considering adding my book – ‘The Woman and the Witch’. At the end of the email they said to keep it confidential for now.

Well! How mysterious! To begin with I was convinced this was spam, but had a Google around and found it was a real thing! You can imagine my delight when I discovered that Amazon Prime Reading ‘is a relatively new service that gives unlimited access to a selection of top-selling Kindle ebooks, audiobooks, popular magazines, comic books, children’s books, and short reads.’

Top selling!!! Top selling? Me? An Indy author? I haven’t sold that many, one or two a day, but to see this made me think perhaps I haven’t done too badly.

But then I read that just because I’ve accepted the invitation it doesn’t necessarily mean it will go ahead, and I certainly wasn’t offered the thousands of pounds other authors had been offered. I wrote to Amazon and asked if I could promote to my readers that ‘The Woman and the Witch’ had been invited to join the programme and they replied (very quickly) ‘uh, no. It might not get chosen so wait until you hear more.’

Well, that took the wind from my sails! Immediately after that I didn’t sell a book for four days, so that taught me. I also got a two star review, so back I was, plunged into the gloom writers know so well. I decided to put it to the back of my mind and thought I won’t get my hopes up…

Until I got this!!

Wooo Hoooo!!!!

Oh, my goodness I was so happy. So starting today ‘The Woman and the Witch’ the book I took years writing – this is my post from way back describing how fed up I was getting with the bloody thing – is now on the Prime Programme. It’s only for 90 days, starting from 1st March, but I really hope it will introduce Frieda and Angie to some new readers.

I’ve now finished my next book – ‘The Bookbinder’ – and am just in that horrible stage of waiting to hear back from my beta readers. So far the feedback has been very kind, so I am hopeful people will like it.

I’ve popped a link in below for ‘The Woman and the Witch’ if you fancy having a look to see whether it’s worth the ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE five star reviews. Including my favourite which called the book ‘bloody brilliant.’ Goodness, I have turned into a horrible little show off. The marketing aspect of being an Indy writer really is the worst bit.

In other news…

I have been very excited to buy these two products

I’m afraid my face is just falling off my skull now and the marionette lines (as I’ve learned they are called) trace a rather deeper than I would like record of every smile and cigarette smoked. I wouldn’t normally worry about it, but I spend my days teaching online staring at my hideous face as I can’t work out how to hide my screen without turning off my video to the pupils – which I need to keep on. It’s like when you’re in the hairdresser and no matter how hard you try, your eyes are constantly pulled back to the horror of your gurning face, stripped of make up and the camouflage of a bit of hair tossing about.

(Thinking about it, it would have cost me a lot less if I just got someone to show me how to hide my camera from myself.)

I’m not sure how well it’s working. After a week I thought I looked FANTASTIC! I felt very smug, convinced I looked years younger. Unfortunately I then caught myself in the mirror, in daylight, with light streaming in from the side. This is not the best way to be lit. I prefer night time with a spot light trained directly into my face. Anyway, the lines were there as bad as ever. Hey ho. I keep looking at women in their 50’s online thinking how the hell do the look so good?

I have discovered the answer. THEY HAVE BOTOX!

THAT’S what gives them that smooth look. I thought it was just for foreheads, but apparently not. I am thinking really quite hard now about trying a lip plumper. The left side of my mouth is doing great guns, nothing changed there, but on the right side my lips have given up the fight, shrivelling into a little wobbly line, Lipstick does help, but something needs to be done. Anyone got any suggestions?

I’ll give it a bit longer. To be fair, the hyalu serum does make my face feel lovely and plumped when I use it, and my face is so ravaged by sun and time, it’s got its job cut out. I am going easy on the retinol to get my skin used to it, hopefully that will start kicking in when I use it more often. Watch this space!

In order to detract from my collapsing face I feel lipstick is more important than ever. I still have my trusty collection of reds, but recently I have discovered Trinny of London – remember Trinny and Susannah? I used to love that programme, but I wonder now if it was a bit body shaming? – and I have completely fallen in love with this shade. It’s from the Lip 2 Cheek range, so you can use it as a blusher too. It’s a gorgeous watermelon colour and is called Phoebe.

She also does this amazing Miracle Blur, which is like a kind of Polyfilla but I haven’t quite got the hang of it… see pic fail.

It looked great so I I decided to give it a go. As you can see, the first attempt did not go well – although I looked AMAZING from a great distance. It filled in my lip and marionette lines so they didn’t look as deep. But close up…

I went on Facebook and sent a message to Trinny and, bless her, she got back to me straightaway to say this ISN’T how you’re supposed to apply it, it certainly shouldn’t look like a crusty white face covering. Less is more!

Here is a video of Trinny talking about it

And here’s a link to ‘The Woman and the Witch’

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