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My latest post on the best #beauty products I have used time and time again on my #middleaged self. 3 minutes with a cushion every day is the secret to success apparently. Fingers crossed my brother comes through with an electric drumkit for Christmas #midlifecrisis #drumlikepearljam I know it’s bad to say it, but this post made me very happy #bulliedatschoolbycoolkids ‪Dog had a hair cut - don’t think she’s particularly impressed. What do you think? Better before or after? 🐶🐕✂️✂️‬ #dogs Ha!! A completley unexpected but wonderful develpment to my story about my eyes. I am very proud to now be followed on twitter by the hospital which save my sight. Bit embarrasing the Dr still works there and now gets to see me fangirling all over him 😳 #middleage #fangirl #embarrassing So after the success of my first drums lesson I’m buying my first set of drumsticks. One step closer to my dream of playing @PearlJam’s #alive from #10 (on my own in a sound-proofed cupboard 🥁🥁💪) #middleage #midlifecrisis