Come to my Book Signing!

So I can’t believe this, but it’s true. On Saturday 5th September between 12 and 3 I will be sitting in the best shop in the world: The Walrus and Oyster to do a Meet the Author and Book Signing event.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. If you’d have told me three years ago that the book I was staring at in despair (as I realised I would have to chop out about 80,000 words and start again) would end up being a real book that people would pay for…. I would have thought you were mad.

My sumptuous embroidered silk dressing gown – I bought it from The Walrus and Oyster and it is my favourite thing

Yet here we are. The lovely Emma at Walrus and Oyster (where I got this gorgeous new dressing gown by the way) hosts over a hundred artists and now I will be one of them!

Emma is on a mission to support and exhibit local artists and the shop is a treasure trove of delights. She is also a fellow warrior – I knew the signs as soon as I saw her!

So if you are in Kent and fancy meeting me and buying a book and want to see the best shop in Canterbury do come along!

Argh! Look at my big fat face.

6 thoughts on “Come to my Book Signing!

  1. Woot!!!!!! We were in Canterbury today, Saturday we are probably heading home otherwise I would have come – I hope you wear that exquisite kimono (I would) even if you are covered in dog hair and jam and anything else underneath, the kimono is VERY gorgeous, Id want to wear it with everything forever. Have a brilliant book signing xxx

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      1. Ooooh I wish – but what time do I think of you especially hard? We will be driving back to Scotland and gravel-guy is desperate to get away from gardens, cathedrals and art galleries, he wants his rocks – but I am plotting a return. Anyway have the bestest book signing ever – you will be utterly fabulous

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