A shelf of rather eclectic books and some rubbish!

Rules for Getting Onto my Best Book List

  1. I’ve got to have a strong connection with the central character/s. I don’t have to like them, sometimes I hate them, but they must have a compelling presence and be so well drawn I think of them as real people.
  2. They should either be funny, so I laugh out loud; or if they are thrillers I want my heart to be in my mouth as I read faster and faster, turning the pages so quickly I almost rip them. Description so beautiful I find myself going back and reading it again and again will also help the book qualify for my list.
  3. I forget I’m reading when I read. The story/character/plot/description is so powerful I don’t see the words any more.
  4. I slow down when I realise I’m getting close to the end as I don’t want to run out of book too soon. It’s not getting on the list if this didn’t happen.
  5. When I finish I immediately look up everything else the author has written and buy another of their books.