‘Let’s Get Wiggy With It!’ Horror Hair Part Two

So at last, at last my new wig arrived! OK, so actually it arrived ten days ago, but what with work, children, Rob needing a lot of tlc, and marking GCSE scripts, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and write it up, and even then I’m currently sitting at my desk keeping an eye to make sure my girls get off to matins this morning. So I’m queen of the multi tasker at the moment. (Also I am utterly gripped, GRIPPED, I tell you, by the Harlen Coben thrillers I’ve been meaning to read for ages, so catching up with them has taken some time – not very successful multi-tasking)

If you remember, I wrote a piece about how much I hated the effects of ageing on my hair.  In it, I described how Catherine at Atypical60, had inspired me to try out a wig to cover particularly bad hair days. (She wears them all the time and looks fab, but I’m not that confident yet!) Well the first wig was a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R. Please don’t ever use Howigs. I ordered this (left) and got this (right)

I sent back the wig using International Signed Delivery to China and although at my end Royal Mail told me it was delivered and signed for, Howigs denied it had arrived.Luckily I had a Chinese friend who kindly made some phone calls to confirm with the Hefei City Post Office it had been delivered. The good news is after weeks and weeks of emailing back and forth I got my refund!

Then, even more excitingly, the wig I ordered from Hairware arrived. (It was slightly delayed and I was given a refund for next day postage which arrived immediately)

Here are the two reviews I found for the wig before I bought it.

Catherine from Atypical60

Canada Wig Review

Patti’s Pearls

By the way, I also love this lady, Patti from Patti’s Pearls, who reviews the wig with such enthusiasm and obvious experience. She has a great tip for stopping hair swinging into your face, which I have already tried. I particularly like the colour of the wig she is reviewing – it’s called ‘Amaretto and Cream’ and looks really effective.

So, after seeing those videos I thought Chloe was the piece for me. Here is where you can buy it in the UK. This is the image they use for Chloe (in light blonde, but it comes in about 25 colours) in both the US and UK.


Envy Wigs (Nutmeg in the UK) this is Chloe, I think in light blonde.

Here I am, the day Chloe arrived. I’ve masked my face but I promise you I am beaming like loon in this picture because I was DELIGHTED with it!


This is the Chloe in Chocolate Cherry, and I literally just tied my hair back in a pony tail and chucked it on my head, straight out of the box. What do you think? It’s lovely and swooshy. I also like how flexible the parting is.

Now as a reminder, here I am with my ‘bio’ hair (That’s what Catherine calls it, lol) ie, unblowdried, just washed with a bit of anti frizz product (you can see how well that worked in this picture, eye-roll) and left to dry naturally.

Bio Hair

That’s the longest it will grow. And it seems to get shorter all the time. I dread to think what will happen post-menopause.

This is when people say to me: so what? You’re getting old! Accept it! Who cares? Just chop it all off!

Well you know what I say to that (after I’ve stopped crying) I DON’T WANT TO CHOP IT ALL OFF! For a start I have a very round, fat face. No cheekbones, no interesting skull structure. Longer hair makes my face look slimmer as it gives the illusion of slicing off an inch either side of my fat face. Why, oh why does my hair insist on frizzing back away from my face like this? Bastard thing. So. Back to the wig.

What’s great about this (or extensions, more on that later) is it helps to fill in the bits where you tend to lose hair. The top, front, and sides. So that lovely long fringe, or sweeping bits that tumble down? Gone. Yup. That’s what age can do. You don’t even notice it, until you realise your forehead looks a lot bigger. I mean look at that picture? I have a hand span forehead! Fuck’s sake, I asked for a hand span WAIST!

Look at this lovely thing.

Can you see how much better it looks than the one I had to send back? By the way, please ignore the top of the photo where you can see a small, but significant ‘bomb in a barbie shop’ event has  occurred.

Here’s another look at the front…

Let's Get Wiggy With It MAW

And another close up of that side.

Wiggy Side

I really love the colour, and it has a nice darker undertone which I think makes it look nice and natural.

The trouble is I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to wear it outside. I’ve worn it in in the sitting room. The children don’t like it, they prefer me frizzy haired and in glasses. This worries me. I clearly don’t make as much effort to look nice as I think I do. I assumed the frizzy hair/glasses setting was fairly rare, but thinking about it, that’s pretty much what the children see when they think of me. This is very troubling. I really must make more of an effort. Rob is of the ‘so what? You’re getting old! Accept it! Who cares? Just chop it all off!’ camp. Goddamn him.

But I am definitely going to take it on holiday, Chloe shall  have her debut in Italy, if not before.

The one fake thing I will go out in, is my extensions. As I promised in my first post on Horror Hair, I described how my lovely hairdresser, Bette, advised me on what clip-ins to buy and she then dyed them with the exact same mix she used on my hair. I did include some pics of when I had roughly shoved them in myself, but promised to show you my new ones which Bette finished for me last week. Here are some shots of them put in properly. Excuse the state of my neck, I forget to put on my wonder neck tightening stuff from Asda…

Extensions Front

From the top…


And from the back and side…

extensions bacl

What do you think? Better than the wig? I love my extensions – but there are negatives as well as positives. I drew up a list of pros and cons.



  • They won’t blow off in the wind.
  • You can get them in real hair so you can dye/dry/style etc as you would your own hair
  • You can match the colour to your own hair EXACTLY
  • People don’t notice when I have them in – they assume I’ve just had a really good blow dry. They don’t even notice my hair is about four inches longer.


  • The clips stay in and hold the hair well, but they can be sore after a while
  • They can take a while to put in
  • I worry when I put them in, people may see a clip edge and judge me



  • You can just plonk them on and you’re good to go
  • You can go crazy experimenting with different colours and styles
  • They protect your ‘bio’ hair – great for holidays in the sun. I am constantly fed up with how quickly my colour disappears after a week in the pool and at the beach.


  • They might blow off in the wind, exposing me to mockery and ridicule.
  • Your head gets quite hot in them
  • Real hair wigs are ridiculously expensive – you can pay thousands for a good one
  • Synthetic hair is cheaper and initially looks convincing, but I worry it may not look so good after a while of wear.

Over to you…

What do you lot think? Should I wear it outside? Should I tell people the truth if they ask whether I’m wearing a wig? What if I wear one to class and a pupil pulls it off? Is it true it’s much more acceptable to wear fake hair now? What about you youngsters? Would you go out in a wig? I mean not an obviously fake one, but one where you want to improve the look of your hair?

Most important of all – do you think I should just accept ageing and chop the whole lot off and embrace the frizz? And start buying low heeled shoes and boring coats in that drab puffy material…

I’d love to know what you think and I’ll update you if and when I go out into the world with my friend Chloe.

By the way, I’ve just realised I sound like I’m advertising for people! I promise I’m getting nothing at all from anyone mentioned here. I will always tell you if I am.


And finally…

Son is massively into two things at the moment, Fortnite and Bandannas. I’m not sure if the two are connected. Anyway, I tried on his bandanna when I was working a ‘three days since it should have been washed’ look, and I think I bloody ROCKED it. What do you think? Does this solve all my hair problems?


23 thoughts on “‘Let’s Get Wiggy With It!’ Horror Hair Part Two

  1. Shelley

    As someone who has been there, done that – except not the wig thing – hair is just hair, and the more confident you personally are with your decision to let it be its natural color and state, the more you can rock whatever hair you decide to have. PS – I hear there is even a barbie now that has gray hair! Gray is the new blonde, rock it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. middleagedwarrior

      Hmmm I totally get what you’re saying in my head, but I am really not ready to embrace the grey yet! You look amazing in your grey hair but it’s lovely and thick and you have a nice slim face with cheekbones! Ha! I need all the disguises I can get. Maybe just a really big hat? Lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shelley

        Thank you for the kind comments. I do know how you feel, there were many days when I didn’t love my transitional look. But I never doubted what I wanted in the end, and I can’t be any more grateful that I kept going and that I’m done with the journey to natural color. Life is too short to worry about hair. Show off your quirkiness and rock the hair – it’s a lot of fun to write about the damn things people say or the strange looks you get along the way!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. middleagedwarrior

        Very true!! You’re right, it is a transitioning time for me when I have to re-evaluate things I took for granted when I was young – particularly in terms of how I look. Thanks to wise words like yours I’m sure I’ll get there in the end, and make sure I write about it!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sue - live and learn

    I think you should wear the wig. Looks really good. Why not take a bit longer to accept the inevitability of ageing and enjoy looking middle-aged good a bit longer? A good friend of mine wore a wig, for health reasons. It was much like her own, we all got used to it and she never had any disasters with it.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Catherine

    Where do I begin? First of all I thank you tremendously for giving me a mention. Secondly. Don’t EVER. I mean NEVER EVER EVER order wigs from China. They are full of shit. They “advertize” celebrities and models on their sites and NEVER show the unit they are selling. China wig vendors = Shit. They should be banned.
    If you order, make sure to do your research and order from a reputable company.

    Chloe–That stock photo does no justice to how great the unit actually is. When my husband surprised me with Chloe I couldn’t believe it was the same wig as the stock photo. And BTW even though you erased your face, I have a very strong suspicion that Chloe looks absolutely fantastic on you and YOU NEED TO WEAR HER OUTSIDE AND FUCK WHAT OTHERS THINK. OK????

    Seriously This is about YOU and nobody else. I am now more comfortable wearing my wigs than venturing outside in my bio hair. I also love what you wrote in the comparisons between clip ins and wigs. You’re fortunate you have a great stylist because those clip in’s look so natural! And I think that extensions are great for the early stages of hair loss/thinning but as time goes on wigs work better and the transition from extensions to wigs is a smart and pragmatic one.

    Well done you. This is a stellar post!!!!!!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. middleagedwarrior

      Ah thank you Catherine, so kind of you to comment and I love your scathing diatribe on the Chinese wigs – I was not impressed but at least they gave me a refund. You are absolutely right about the extensions, I suspect once I hit the big M my hair loss will get worse so good to be prepared to fake it now so I don’t surprise anyone when I turn up in a Rapunzel length blonde wig! Lol. Thanks for all the inspiration – I also made your cheese things and they were delicious!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. middleagedwarrior

        Yes and judging by the reviews this particular company is notoriously bad at giving refunds – they kept trying to get away with a £40 refund when the wig cost £107! Luckily I had a Chinese friend who could hassle them for me!


  4. Juliet

    I think you should wear the wig – your skin looks gorgeous and glowy, so I think it is a perfect match for you. Many years ago when I had quite a radical change to my usual hair (the hairdresser straightened it – which lasted a day, sighhhh) the 3 offspring took one look and disappeared out for the room for a confab, eventually Nr2 kid was pushed by the hands of unseen siblings back into the room and offered up the statement “we think you look weird”. It is only that our offspring assume we are not allowed to change – ever. If you are feeling unsure of your new locks (and I think the wig and the extensions are both lovely), then take yourself out for the day at the weekend or when you have a day off and go somewhere not your usual stamping ground – a different town/suburb and just wear it out and about where people dont know you, then wear it out and about amongst people who might know you, then….just to build up your courage. Quite frankly I am not sure anyone would guess – and really if it IS ON YOUR HEAD and you either grew it or bought it is no ones business, it is your hair after all

    Liked by 2 people

    1. middleagedwarrior

      Wise wise words – I love your story about nervous kids making it clear they don’t like your new look – I remember clearly having the same response when my mother had a very ill advised Afro in the 70s! I may give you advice a try. Give it a try in a strange environment – why not?!


  5. The Lockwood Echo

    Both wig and extensions look amazing, so natural. And a different look from each one. I agree with the wearing of wig advice, maybe keep wearing it indoors until it’s second nature then venture somewhere new with it (in the same way we have the confidence to wear clothes on holiday that we’d never dream of wearing at home!) That way it’ll feel totally natural and you will have overcome the fear of something going wrong with it. I work in a town centre where I see all ages, all walks of life, all day long, and not many of them are sporting their ‘bio’ hair! It’s dyed, it’s shaved, it’s piled up in all manner of styles, it’s an expression of how they feel and want to look. So in summary; You should totally Get Wiggy With It 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. middleagedwarrior

      Ha! I love this – hell yes I’m going to get wiggy with it – why not? As my mum always said – why do you think everyone is looking at and noticing you? Everyone is pretty much just thinking about themselves – and even if it falls off I can just laugh, can’t I? Thank you for approving my ‘let’s just stave off getting older a liiitttlle bit longer!’

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Violet

    I love the bandanna best…you look young and hip! I have the whole big forehead thing going on too, which my husband affectionately calls my “fivehead.” 😛

    I can’t seem to tolerate extensions or wigs as my scalp gets sore. I’ve chosen to cut my hair chin length and just style it the best I can, which means it looks sort of crappy on a daily basis. However, add in nice make-up, decent clothes, nice earrings, and glasses that are fashionable, and you can still look good. IMHO you only really look like a frump if you throw in the towel and let it *all* go. I’ve even seen ladies starting to rock gray hair lately….they color it to look more of a pretty “silver,” but at least then you don’t get the ugly gray roots.

    I do think it’s more acceptable these days to wear wigs. I could just never get comfortable with it, and even the extensions made me feel weird as the clips would get exposed in our windy area. In the end, rock whatever makes you feel good!


    1. middleagedwarrior

      Thank you for this and I nearly snorted out my tea when I read ‘fivehead’ brilliant 😂😂😂 you’re right – a bit of make up etc really does make a difference and I need to remember to wear lipstick as I forget what a positive (youthful!) impact that can have. I think I’ve just spent my youth not really caring what I looked like and didn’t really wear a lot of make up etc – but when I had lots of hair and good skin (and a firm jaw line!) I could get away with it! Now I think I need to recognise if I want to look how I want to look I need to work a little harder. As you say, frumphood only appears when you let it all go and hopefully I won’t do that. I suppose whatever age you are it’s about confidence and attitude. There are so many older women on Pinterest wearing amazingly bold looks and I am seeing more and more of them and they are so inspiring. Urgh grey roots – I find that so ageing. One day I will grow out all the colour but am dreading the transition. I’m going to keep colouring for a while! I’m like you, I can’t wear extensions every day but it’s nice to have them as a go to on bad hair days.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Violet

    Yes…when I was young I’d leave my hair “tousled” (finger brushed) and the only makeup I wore was lip balm. It took me 3 secs to get ready and I looked pretty darn good!

    Now at 45 it takes me an hour and half and many products to get ready, and I’m lucky to achieve so-so results. Gettin’ old ain’t for the faint of heart, that’s for damn sure. There’s lyrics in the Jason Mraz song I’m Yours which I strive to live by…he sings “rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons.” Seems like wise advice. Or as my mama said, “do the best you can with what you’ve got, and forget the rest.” 😉


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