I’m Still Alive: Getting my mojo back with Pearl Jam’s ’10’ – Post 3

Here is my latest post chronicling my Drumming journey. From complete beginner to playing Pearl  Jam’s ‘Alive’ in front of a live audience by June 2018 – well that’s the plan.  Click for Post 1 and Post 2.

Christmas is finally over, thank Goodness, and I was over the moon to get this from my brother…


Yes, it’s an  electronic drum kit!! Woo hoo! Now I can practise my drumming patterns without having to trek over to the percussion studio. My brother did toy with the idea of getting me a full acoustic drum kit (strangely, they are fairly common and cheap on Ebay). Mostly for the comedy value of wrapping up each drum, cymbal and pedal individually so I could unwrap them in front of my husband who would not see the comedy value.

My brother brought his electric guitar down as we were hoping to have a jam together. He still remembers the lead guitar riffs from ‘Alive’ and we did have an acoustic moment in the sitting room with the children temporarily distracted by devices. He played his guitar unplugged and I tried to accompany using my drumsticks and a cushion. I covered my lack of any expertise whatsoever by singing lead vocals really, really loudly. I didn’t know all of the lyrics but as Edddie Vedder is a master of yarling it was possible to sound pretty convincing just by using lots of ‘Rrrs’ and being very emotional.

Jack Endino is very rude about this style of singing but I love Eddie Vedder and how he sings and won’t have a word said against him.

So there we were, having a great time, until my sister-in-law, husband and mother reminded me I had a 5 kilo turkey that needed cooking and it was already 11am. In my enthusiasm I had forgotten: I am 48; it was Christmas Day; I had fifteen family members to feed; I was in charge of cooking.

Family left yesterday and I was looking forward to having a go on my new drum kit. Trouble is, even with headphones on, hitting the plastic drums with sticks is still pretty loud. I was banished to the distant spare room. Which was very cold, but I was kept warm with the power of rock.

I have managed to do my three minutes of drumstick work (as recommended by my drum teacher) every day except one. I seem to be getting a little quicker, which is encouraging, but I still have problems with the right/left/right/right  left/right/left/left pattern.

In other good news, it looks like I have managed to rope in a singer. He’s head of AV/Computers/IT etc at my work and already sings with a rock/blues band. He’s a little bit older than me and look appropriately grizzled. He assures me he is able to Yarl and is a big fan of Pearl Jam. He has agreed to front up the band if I ever get good enough. He also knows a bass player. We are getting there a step at a time!

Oh Christ I really hope I improve soon, otherwise this is going to be a disaster.

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